by Wesda

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Early song I made about my hometown, Echuca.
Not the best recording, music on CringeTape Alpha is of better quality.


Chuke, what you wanna do? Paddle steamer cruise,
Walk along the port, table at Ceres for two.
Festival of food and wine or even the Blues.
Top of the mill for best views of the home of the crew.

From North to Pianta Road Ive been livin here a while now
Chillin in the underground of the no.1 ice town
Keeps us cold in the winter so away go the tourists
Don’t drive down Boothman unless you got insurance.
Don’t come here in the summer cause every other motherfucker
and his other lover come out to get a sniff of the state’s upper
Southern 80 brings in the big boats with big rudders
You can’t take cover within a k of the river and you get smothered

Tourists travel here but I’ve never really known why
Unless they tryna buy and sell and deal and even blow ice
Police can’t catch em cause they all a bunch of dumb shits
Bring ‘em here, I’ll ensure they get a dose of bum fist
Yo mum so fat that she can’t even walk across the Moama bridge
Then again it’s so shit I’d be surprised even if anyone did
This Damian Drum reckons he’ll get us a new one
And if he doesn’t which is likely I’m gonna rip him a new one

One thing you can do independent of the weather
No seasonality involved to fuck with beverley and trevor
But you always keep a close check on your endeavour
‘cause If you get caught your spinal cord may just be forever severed


released July 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Wesda Melbourne, Australia

Worst rapper on the internet

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